Bundle Instructions

How to Get a Bundle Discount

Welcome to our rental site! We're excited to offer you a special bundle discount when you rent a matching set of skis, boots, and ski poles. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to take advantage of this cost-saving offer.


Start by browsing our collections of skis, boots, and ski poles to find the perfect set for your needs. Make sure to choose items that are available for the same date range and for the same number of days. They must also be from the same category (AT vs Frontside, etc...) 

Once you've found the ski, boots, and ski poles that you'd like to rent, add them to your cart one by one. Ensure that the date range and the rental duration are the same for all three items.

After adding the items to your cart, click on the "Cart" button to review the items you've selected.

In your shopping cart, you'll see a subtotal for the selected items. If you've correctly added a matching set of ski, boots, and ski poles with the same rental date range and duration, you will automatically see the bundle discount applied to your total.

Proceed to the checkout and follow the payment process as usual. Your bundle discount will be reflected in your final order total.


Q: What is the bundle discount percentage?

A: The bundle discount varies depending on the specific items you choose and any ongoing promotions. You can see the exact discount applied in your cart before completing your order.

Q: Can I change my rental date after adding items to my cart?

A: Yes, you can adjust your rental dates as long as they match for all items in the bundle to qualify for the discount. You need to remove and re-add the item to change the date range. Be sure to update the date range for all items in your cart accordingly.

Q: What if I want to rent only one or two items from the bundle?

A: The bundle discount is specifically designed for renting all three items together. If you wish to rent items individually, standard pricing will apply.


Taking advantage of our bundle discount for ski, boots, and ski poles is a great way to save on your rental expenses. Remember to follow these steps when adding the items to your cart, and you'll enjoy the discounted price for your entire set. We hope you have a fantastic time on the slopes with our top-quality equipment!